Rules & Terms

You will find the rules on the back of the day ticket;

Regulations For All Anglers Fishing The Cheddar Reservoir

Payment for a permit shall be deemed an agreement to conform with these regulations.

All anglers must be in possession of a valid Environment Agency Rod Licence (two if fishing with 3 rods for pike) fishing must be by fair rod and line only. Juniors under 12 years of age do NOT need a rod licence.

No liability shall be incurred by the Club in respect of persons fishing the Reservoir. All anglers are personally responsible for any damage done and fish at their own risk.

Fishing is from dawn to dusk. NO NIGHT FISHING.

Permits are not transferable and must be obtained BEFORE an angler enter the Reservoir enclosure with fishing tackle. Tickets are NOT available at the water.

A maximum of TWO rods per SENIOR angler and ONE rod per junior angler may be used. Each rod must be licensed and attended at ALL times. Lead shot under No. 8 shot (0.06 grams) and over 28.35 grams (1oz) are banned. THREE rods are allowed for pike fishing only during the period 1st October to 14th March.

All fish must be returned to the water. No fish are to be killed.

Cars must only be parked in the car parks at the the Cheddar and Axbridge main gate entrances. Cars must NOT be parked in any unauthorized place. Access to the water is only by the stiles provided at both main entrances.

Standing or wading in the water is prohibited. Fishing must be from the bank shelving only.

The following baits are allowed: Gentles, worms, dead bait, casters, bread-baited hooks and artificial lures. DEAD BAITING ALLOWED 1ST OCTOBER TO 15TH JUNE INCLUSIVE. NO LIVE BAITING. Any ground baiting is restricted to moderate application only.

Wire traces MUST be used when pike fishing.

Barbed or de-barbed hooks may be used.

Unhooking mats must be used at all times for pike fishing and landing nets should be over 40 inches in size for pike fishing.

Fishing is NOT permitted in the vicinity of the Bristol Corinthian Yacht Club, on or near the valve towers or between the Yacht Club and the Cheddar Tower. (Diving operates).

No weapons of any description are permitted. Dogs are only allowed on the perimeter track (on a lead if sheep are present).

All litter must be taken away. NYLON WATE MUST NOT BE DISCARDED. Current regulations prohibiting the use of certain lead weights must be observed.

Portable audio equipment, TVs, CB sets etc are prohibited. Mobile phones are allowed.

Anglers are warned that the sloping banks are dangerous and anglers fish at their own risk.

Matches - section to be fished will be closed off for 24 hours before a match commences.

They are also available on request from the club secretary, please send a stamped self addressed to: P O Box 1183 Cheddar, Somerset BS27 3LT