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Cheddars Reservoir Mirror Carp Legend

Rumours are a plenty of people having caught carp from the reservoir, and people trying to catch those big mysterious fish hiding in the murky depths of the 200 acre water. Although many of the rumours are pure hype there is some potential for some truth in the matter.

The facts are between 200-250 fish were introduced into the reservoir by Bristol Water in 1978. These fish were all mirror carp and at the time weighed around 1 to 2lbs. Although this may sound like a lot given the size of the reservoir this equates to approximately one fish per 5.4 million gallons of water. If this is hard to comprehend one fish per 337500 baths full of water.

Carp can live upto about 50 years old, and the water is a great breeding ground for even harder 'husbandarearing' fish than carp. The likelyhood is that one of the many big pike hunting around at the time would have picked off these fish long ago.

Although Carp are very good at hiding and a pike would ignore a big carp if it had put on a couple of pounds quickly so the legend of a big mirror still lives on in the head of many an angler with 'lots' of time on their hands.

The rare images below taken by Bristol Water whilst stocking show the quality of the fish going in.

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